[NEWS] {HELLOVENUS} 140731 YooAra and Yoonjo to leave Hello Venus

Unfortunate news has come for fans of Hello Venus as word has come that Ara and Yoonjo will be leaving the group as the members all return to their original agencies.

Tricell Media, whom the girls had been formed under as a joint project between Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio, have announced that the members will be returning to their respective agencies. Thus, the four members under Fantagio will go on as Hello Venus, while the other two who are originally under Pledis will be pursuing separate activities.

Tricell Media’s announcement reads as below.

This is Hello Venus’ agency Tricell Media.
We are here to deliver sudden but major news to all the fans who have always supported and loved Hello Venus.
Fantagio and Pledis have decided to end their ‘Hello Venus’ joint project they’ve been carrying out together through Tricell Media for each of their future progress direction.
Hello Venus’ 6 members will return their respective agencies – Fantagio (Alice, Nara, Lime, Yooyoung) and Pledis (Ara, Yoonjo) – and plan to carry out their activities.
Fantagio and Pledis send their deep gratitude and applause to the 6 members who have led Hello Venus with passion and effort, and promise to do their best to help the members spread their wings in a variety of entertainment fields.
Ara and Yoonjo are planning on music releases and acting challenges as their new project, while Alice, Nara, Lime, and Yooyoung will continue as Hello Venus after the team reorganization with music releases and acting gigs.
We sincerely apologize for delivering such news suddenly, but as this reorganization has been done for the progress of each member, we hope that you will look over the six members with a generous heart.
We will never forget your support and do our best to continue on active promotions.
Thank you.”

credit: allkpop

[NEWS] {AFTERSCHOOL} 140427 SBS’ “Roommate” Set to Begin Airing in May

SBS’ “Roommate” Set to Begin Airing in May

The premiere of SBS’ new variety program, “Roommate,” has been postponed to May. The show was originally scheduled to begin airing on April 20; however, the airing of the show was canceled due to the Sewol Ferry accident.

SBS previously announced the show would be postponed to April 27. However, the April 27 broadcast was also canceled, and the show is expected to premiere on May 4.

“Roommate” is a reality show that records the life of celebrities who live together in one house. The roommates consists of actor Lee Dong Wook, singer and actor Shin Sung Woo, model and host Lee So Ra, actress Hong Soo Hyun2NE1’sPark BomAfter School’s Nana, comedian Jo Se Ho, actor Seo Kang Joon, actor Park Min Woo, ultimate fighter Song Ga Yeon, and EXO’s Chanyeol. It has been reported the 11 cast members filmed for the first episode of the show last month for 4 nights and 5 days.

Meanwhile, due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy that swept the nation on April 16, television networks have been canceling their variety programs replacing them with news reports and other shows dealing with current affairs.



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